Configuring home page settings in the editor

Today I shared an exploration on how we might enable users to configure the home / posts page settings while editing a page. It was a long one, so for the full details I refer you to the comment on github.

In short, the complexities associated with these simple-looking settings are quite vast. The home and posts pages not only have interactions with one another, but there is the front-page and home template to factor in as well.

Cognisant not only of those complexities, but also the fact that the canvas may need to radically update to reflect changes to the settings, the simplest way to enable folks to manipulate them is via modal. Here’s how I might set the page I am currently editing as my home page:

And here is how I might change which page is set as the home page, whilst editing the front-page template:

For a final bonus point, while editing the front-page template, here’s how things unfold if I set my homepage to display my latest posts. This is a good demonstration of how the canvas needs to be updated to reflect the settings.

Github issue: #28341

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