Category: Blocks

  • Concept: Creating a query builder inspired by design tools

    Design Tools and their associated UI are an exciting development both in terms of the power and flexibility they will afford users, but also how they will replace chaos with consistency in the block editor UX. I think the design does a really good job of tidying complex features / interfaces away until the user […]

  • Refining the Posts List block

    For those not familiar with how WordPress works under the hood, The Query block (and its friends Query Loop and Query Pagination) can be tricky to understand. Attaining this knowledge shouldn’t really be a requirement to do something simple like display some posts from a category on a page that you’re creating. The existing Posts […]

  • Contextual editing clarity

    One of the most challenging elements to get right in the site editing UX is where and how we draw lines between the different editing contexts. Until now, no lines have been drawn at all. In both the Site Editor and the Template Editor, if you’re able to see content, you can edit it directly, […]

  • Another concept for contextual block pattern insertion

    This one is proving rather tricky to get right! Feedback on previous iterations from the Full Site Editing Go / No Go discussion that took place this week indicates that seeing the pattern carousel on the canvas can be problematic. It’s beginning to feel like one of those situations where a little friction in the […]

  • Zooming out to re-order root level blocks and discover contextual block patterns

    An idea Joen and I have discussed a lot recently is providing users with a way to zoom out a level from the thing they’re editing in order to make more sweeping changes to the composition of their document. This affordance can be a very useful tool when working with something like a template, where […]