Category: Gutenberg

  • Ideating on a centralised site management interface

    In github issue #36667 we’ve most recently explored solutions that present access to areas like content, navigation, and template management via dedicated access points. Taking a step back, you notice it may be possible to instead combine much of this into a single interface, which has numerous benefits: Reduces the cognitive load – users only […]

  • Expanding template creation options in the Site Editor

    There is a short list of theme templates that users are able to create on demand in the Site Editor. Off the top of my head that list is something like: Front page Search Single Page 404 Archive The WordPress template hierarchy allows for much more expression than this though, and one of the objectives […]

  • Exploring an application dock for the Site Editor

    In 6.0 I am hopeful that we’ll be able to provide users with access to post and page editing directly in the Site Editor. There have also been suggestions of adding media management, menu management, and more. In order for this to be a success we need to design quick and easy pathways for users […]

  • Beyond the canvas – continued exploration in site management interfaces

    Last month I shared some concepts where “global” site elements could be managed in a dedicated area of the UI. In this post I’m expanding and refining those ideas a bit in an effort to explore the broader viability. If global entities like styles, templates, and navigation menus can be edited in the Site Editor, […]

  • Visual Revisions

    Today I begun exploring ways to refine the contents of the template inspector for #36951 and stumbled across the idea of visual revisions. I’m thinking it might be neat to have a way to browse through past versions of a document in a more visual manner, similar to Figma. Since revisions are just stored HTML, […]