Category: Gutenberg

  • Site Editing iA concepts – Part 2

    I shared some designs on that explore how we might bring some site editing features from Gutenberg to WordPress core for 5.9. Check it out.

  • Is the writing is on the wall for the WordPress theme as we know it?

    The essence of a WordPress theme is: layout (templates) + style = presentation.  The template and global style editing features of the site editor are soon going to provide users with tools to create and manage these elements visually in their WordPress back-end. Community initiatives like the pattern directory present opportunities to enrich these features […]

  • Refining the Posts List block

    For those not familiar with how WordPress works under the hood, The Query block (and its friends Query Loop and Query Pagination) can be tricky to understand. Attaining this knowledge shouldn’t really be a requirement to do something simple like display some posts from a category on a page that you’re creating. The existing Posts […]

  • Refining template flows in the post editor

    Template exercises in relation to a single post are accessed through the following interface(s): In #31591 I outlined some of the issues with this initial UI implementation, and opportunities to enhance the overall UX: For block templates, the experience can be enhanced with visual previews of the templates. Since this is the future, we can […]

  • Contextual editing clarity

    One of the most challenging elements to get right in the site editing UX is where and how we draw lines between the different editing contexts. Until now, no lines have been drawn at all. In both the Site Editor and the Template Editor, if you’re able to see content, you can edit it directly, […]