Category: Gutenberg

  • Isolated edit view for Template Parts

    This week I’ve been looking at ways to enhance the existing isolated edit view for Template Parts. In the Inspector, the “Block” tab from template editing view becomes a “Template Part” tab, akin to the Post / Page / Template tab, and the controls are migrated accordingly. This is potentially something we can expand upon…

  • Selecting a layout pattern when creating a template in the Site Editor

    Based on other work around block patterns I have been exploring ways we might expose layout patterns to users when creating templates from scratch. Discussion on github here.

  • Suggesting patterns when inserting blocks – revisited

    This post contains an iteration on a concept shared earlier in the week – suggesting patterns to users when they insert a block. Based on feedback, this version separates the controls from the block toolbar, de-emphasises the pattern name, and bakes the pattern grid into the block canvas rather than utilising a popover. Follow along on…

  • Suggesting patterns when inserting blocks

    Inserting a block is one of the most common tasks that occurs in the block editor. It is however currently a rather sterile experience. You insert an image, you see an image. That is all fair and well, but with block patterns there’s an opportunity to inspire authors to create more elaborate designs in their…

  • Full screen modal, WordPress edition

    Following up on my last post, I decided to play around with how the iOS-esque full screen modal design would translate to the Site Editor in WordPress. This is now being discussed in a pull request on github.