Explorations in workflows around content and template editing in the WordPress Site Editor

Lately I’m spending a lot of time ideating on how users will manage their templates in WordPress’ Full Site Editing (FSE) project.

This post cobbles together a few rough concepts I’ve put together for some of the key flows and interactions.

Moving from editing a post to editing the Post template via the Inspector. There are several visual cues to distinguish one view from the other.

Moving from editing a post to editing the post template on-canvas to update the featured image.

Moving from editing a template to editing post content via double-click interaction.

Moving between editing a product and the product template in WooCommerce.

Loading content into a template when there is no contextual entity.

Toggling the template view while editing a post.

These are all very early concepts that will evolve over time. You can follow along on this github issue.