Category: Ideation

  • Another concept for contextual block pattern insertion

    This one is proving rather tricky to get right! Feedback on previous iterations from the Full Site Editing Go / No Go discussion that took place this week indicates that seeing the pattern carousel on the canvas can be problematic. It’s beginning to feel like one of those situations where a little friction in the […]

  • Zooming out to re-order root level blocks and discover contextual block patterns

    An idea Joen and I have discussed a lot recently is providing users with a way to zoom out a level from the thing they’re editing in order to make more sweeping changes to the composition of their document. This affordance can be a very useful tool when working with something like a template, where […]

  • Zooming in and out of style management in WordPress

    As you may know, the “Global Styles” feature is coming to WordPress, and will enable users to control a variety of visual design options from their Dashboard. I’ve been exploring what folks might see if they were to access this feature from the Appearance menu. It’s a tricky problem to solve because users need intuitive […]

  • Modes in the site editor

    Site editor tasks typically vary from post editor tasks. Instead of the freeform writing that occurs when one is drafting a post, it more likely to find yourself traversing different areas and different layers of the document when making adjustments to a template. Over the last few weeks we’ve been experimenting with ways to make […]

  • Configuring home page settings in the editor

    Today I shared an exploration on how we might enable users to configure the home / posts page settings while editing a page. It was a long one, so for the full details I refer you to the comment on github. In short, the complexities associated with these simple-looking settings are quite vast. The home […]