Category: Ideation

  • More template switching

    A follow-up iteration on my a design concept I posted earlier this week: This version makes it simpler to switch templates when you already know which one you want to switch to. No need to enter a dedicated view, just select from the dropdown. I intend to explore how this same pattern might be applied […]

  • Visual template switching in the WordPress editor

    Here’s an iteration on one of the flows shared last week – selecting a different template while editing a post or page. Historically this has been a very lacklustre experience in WordPress, accessed through a select dropdown in the attributes meta box of the post / page edit screen. It’s exciting to explore how we […]

  • On-canvas editor context switching

    A rough and early concept exploring how a user might toggle the visibility of the template for the post being edited, and navigate between content / template editing in the WordPress site editing experience. Block tools that are governed by the template are disabled, but offer an on-canvas pathway to template editing. The visuals here […]

  • Template interactions in full site editing

    This week I’ve been playing around with some more template interactions in the Site Editor. In the concept below I explored how one might toggle the visibility of the template which resolves for the current post – and once visible – how you might switch or edit that template. This is still rough, and will […]

  • Explorations in workflows around content and template editing in the WordPress Site Editor

    Lately I’m spending a lot of time ideating on how users will manage their templates in WordPress’ Full Site Editing (FSE) project. This post cobbles together a few rough concepts I’ve put together for some of the key flows and interactions. These are all very early concepts that will evolve over time. You can follow […]