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  • Beyond the canvas – continued exploration in site management interfaces

    Last month I shared some concepts where “global” site elements could be managed in a dedicated area of the UI. In this post I’m expanding and refining those ideas a bit in an effort to explore the broader viability. If global entities like styles, templates, and navigation menus can be edited in the Site Editor, […]

  • Is the writing is on the wall for the WordPress theme as we know it?

    The essence of a WordPress theme is: layout (templates) + style = presentation.  The template and global style editing features of the site editor are soon going to provide users with tools to create and manage these elements visually in their WordPress back-end. Community initiatives like the pattern directory present opportunities to enrich these features […]

  • Between clouds and mud

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the last year or so working on WordPress core it’s this: it is very difficult for fast-moving open source community projects that live almost entirely on code-centric platforms to be led by design. I kind of knew this from when I was more focussed on WooCommerce. But the […]

  • Contextual editing clarity

    One of the most challenging elements to get right in the site editing UX is where and how we draw lines between the different editing contexts. Until now, no lines have been drawn at all. In both the Site Editor and the Template Editor, if you’re able to see content, you can edit it directly, […]

  • Try the WordPress navigation of tomorrow, today

    Since 2018 I’ve been pushing to design and implement a new navigation system that scales in the WooCommerce Admin project. It seemed important to me that for the project to be a success it would have to be a core-first initiative, at least at a grass-roots level initially. I’ve worked through various iterations (some of […]