Category: Styles

  • Revising the presentation of key Site Editor features

    The Site Editor is a powerful tool, but the user experience lacks some coherence and a sense of hierarchy. Template management and editing has central focus, despite the fact that it’s a product area that has proven difficult for some users to interpret. Impactful features like style and menu management are hierarchically relegated, and consequently […]

  • Is the writing is on the wall for the WordPress theme as we know it?

    The essence of a WordPress theme is: layout (templates) + style = presentation.  The template and global style editing features of the site editor are soon going to provide users with tools to create and manage these elements visually in their WordPress back-end. Community initiatives like the pattern directory present opportunities to enrich these features […]

  • Refining border controls in the editor

    Making use of the sidebar controls and components concepts we worked on last year. Follow along in #31337 😎

  • Zooming in and out of style management in WordPress

    As you may know, the “Global Styles” feature is coming to WordPress, and will enable users to control a variety of visual design options from their Dashboard. I’ve been exploring what folks might see if they were to access this feature from the Appearance menu. It’s a tricky problem to solve because users need intuitive […]