Category: Templates

  • Revising the presentation of key Site Editor features

    The Site Editor is a powerful tool, but the user experience lacks some coherence and a sense of hierarchy. Template management and editing has central focus, despite the fact that it’s a product area that has proven difficult for some users to interpret. Impactful features like style and menu management are hierarchically relegated, and consequently […]

  • A more visual template creation experience in the WordPress Site Editor

    A number of recent developments in the block editor present opportunities to refine the overall flow. Let’s take a look. Two steps forwards, one step backwards Originally, the number of templates a user could add was very short, and defined by a static list in the codebase. But thanks to the hard work done in […]

  • Expanding template creation options in the Site Editor

    There is a short list of theme templates that users are able to create on demand in the Site Editor. Off the top of my head that list is something like: Front page Search Single Page 404 Archive The WordPress template hierarchy allows for much more expression than this though, and one of the objectives […]

  • Beyond the canvas – continued exploration in site management interfaces

    Last month I shared some concepts where “global” site elements could be managed in a dedicated area of the UI. In this post I’m expanding and refining those ideas a bit in an effort to explore the broader viability. If global entities like styles, templates, and navigation menus can be edited in the Site Editor, […]

  • Site Editing iA concepts – Part 2

    I shared some designs on that explore how we might bring some site editing features from Gutenberg to WordPress core for 5.9. Check it out.