Category: Templates

  • Configuring home page settings in the editor

    Today I shared an exploration on how we might enable users to configure the home / posts page settings while editing a page. It was a long one, so for the full details I refer you to the comment on github. In short, the complexities associated with these simple-looking settings are quite vast. The home […]

  • Zooming in and out of templates

    In recent design work around site editing concepts such as isolated template part editing and the template mosaic view this idea of exposing the surface behind the canvas has come up: It’s a simple but powerful idea that enables us to build on this concept of zooming in and out of different editor views. Here’s an exploration […]

  • Isolated edit view for Template Parts

    This week I’ve been looking at ways to enhance the existing isolated edit view for Template Parts. In the Inspector, the “Block” tab from template editing view becomes a “Template Part” tab, akin to the Post / Page / Template tab, and the controls are migrated accordingly. This is potentially something we can expand upon […]

  • Selecting a layout pattern when creating a template in the Site Editor

    Based on other work around block patterns I have been exploring ways we might expose layout patterns to users when creating templates from scratch. Discussion on github here.

  • i2: On-canvas transition between content and template editing

    The idea here is to display all block controls while editing content, but apply some kind of “disabled” visual treatment to them. Adjusting the opacity is probably easiest, but there are most likely other options to explore as this may not be accessible enough (color contrast). I’m keen to get the flow right initially and […]