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  • Re-organising the block inserter

    With the advent of the site editor and all of its associated blocks – not to mention the burgeoning catalog of core blocks – the Inserter is starting to feel a little disorganised. We have block categories for “Theme” and “Design” which feel conceptually at-odds with one another (in case you’re wondering “Theme” blocks are mostly […]

  • Exploring information architecture in the site editor

    Until now, most explorations around navigation in the site editor have been a bottom-up endeavor. We’ve identified and designed solutions such as the mosaic view of templates and the drilldown navigation sidebar to connect disparate screens. But connecting these solutions and integrating them with the menus that already exist in wp-admin has been quite a […]

  • Editing global content via the Query block

    Live editing post data inside a Query block – whilst editing something else like a page – requires some demanding mental gymnastics in terms of the UX. Users are required to understand that editing block properties (like position and alignment) are local to the page, while any data changes (like updating the publish date or […]

  • Enhancing the Add Template flow in the Site Editor

    The current experience is a little lacklustre. After clicking the + icon you see a list of options with verbose descriptions. Gutenberg affords us the opportunity to make this a more visual experience. Especially when we factor block patterns in to the equation. The nice thing about this design is that we can apply it […]

  • i2: On-canvas transition between content and template editing

    The idea here is to display all block controls while editing content, but apply some kind of “disabled” visual treatment to them. Adjusting the opacity is probably easiest, but there are most likely other options to explore as this may not be accessible enough (color contrast). I’m keen to get the flow right initially and […]