Isolated edit view for Template Parts

This week I’ve been looking at ways to enhance the existing isolated edit view for Template Parts.

  1. In the Inspector, the “Block” tab from template editing view becomes a “Template Part” tab, akin to the Post / Page / Template tab, and the controls are migrated accordingly. This is potentially something we can expand upon in the future.
  2. The Top Bar indicates that the Header is being edited.
  3. A “< Back” button is revealed on the canvas which when clicked returns the user to the referring context
  4. The Template Part is inset on the canvas, clearly indicating its boundaries
  5. An input on the border of the Template Part allows users to test how it behaves at specific widths
  6. A drag handle provides a looser equivalent of the above for quick-checks
  7. A “Custom” option is added to the view options. This could even be something we bring to post and template editing in the future.

I believe there’s an exciting opportunity to bring the enhancements here to Reusable Blocks as well.

Discussion in on-going on github.

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