Refining template flows in the post editor

Template exercises in relation to a single post are accessed through the following interface(s):

In #31591 I outlined some of the issues with this initial UI implementation, and opportunities to enhance the overall UX:

For block templates, the experience can be enhanced with visual previews of the templates. Since this is the future, we can embrace it.

This UI lacks hierarchy. Changing templates will likely be the most common activity so this interface should be most prominent.

The “Create a custom template” modal could elaborate more on what templates are

When there are many templates, a search can be useful

When the default template is selected, it is duplicated in the template list

Consolidate the “Back” button (to move from editing the template back to the post) in to the top bar

I presented the following design solutions:

Changing a template

Editing a template

Creating a new template

There will be some debate about whether access to these flows should exist in the Inspector (sidebar) or the top bar. In the long term I expect them to reside in the top bar, but the Inspector may serve as a transitional home for them. The UI has been designed in such a way that it can sit in either location with equal comfiness.

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